Massive Internet Profits Review-Secure Job Position Scam to Avoid

Massive Internet Profits


Overall Rating



  • Will teach you useful information about affiliate marketing


  • Makes ridiculous income earning claims that turn out to be false
  • This program has gone through many aliases such as Ultimate Home Profits
  • Too many people have claimed to have difficulty receiving a refund
  • Too many misleading statements

My Honest Massive Internet Profits Review


Name: Massive Internet Profits

Website URL: and

Website Owner: Unknown

Advertised Price: $77, $97 and 20% discount

Overall Rating: 0 Points out of 100 points
Final Verdict: Scam and Not Recommended

Program Overview

The Massive Internet Profits system is a so-called work from home program that claims it will teach you how to make a full-time living from home by just working part time hours. The program goes on to claim that you can make $379 a day from home by doing limited work.

As good as this opportunity sounds, too bad it is not possible.

Pros. Vs. Cons.


  • Will teach you useful information about affiliate marketing


  • Makes ridiculous income earning claims that turn out to be false
  • This program has gone through many aliases such as Ultimate Home Profits
  • Too many people have claimed to have difficulty receiving a refund
  • Too many misleading statements


Who Is It For?

This program is targeted to those who want to make money online without putting much effort involved. It is targeted primarily to those who have no experience making money online as those are the type of people who can be easily scammed.

Training and Support?

Similar to many online scams, Massive Internet Profits has virtually no training and support in order to begin using its system. The most support you can expect is from a standard email ticketing system and even then, users have claimed to receive no support whatsoever.

Does Massive Internet Profits Work?

Yes and no.

Massive Internet Profits is a system that teaches you how to post affiliate links in order to make money. While this is a marketing tactic that can actually work if done correctly, it does not work via the way the system teaches you. Posting affiliate links is known as affiliate marketing, which can be very profitable if you have marketing experience. In order to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to have your own website, a landing page, an email campaign and an audience.

The way the Massive Internet Profits system teaches you does not incorporate any of those crucial marketing aspects. You are taught to post links in the comments section on YouTube, on various blogs not even related to the same niche as the product or program you are promoting and in various Facebook groups. While it may seem like the more links you post, the more money you can make, unfortunately with this system if nobody clicks on that link and purchases the product, you won’t make a dime.

What I Don’t Like About Massive Internet Profits

There are too many things that I don’t like about Massive Internet Profits that if I were to write about all of them, this post would be several pages long. However, some of the things I don’t like about this program include:

1. Deceptive Marketing Tactics Used

If there is one thing that I absolutely hate about the Massive Internet Profits is the fact that the person behind it uses deceptive marketing tactics. They do this in order to sell the program to others with barely any complications. At the very top of the webpage you will see that the program has been “featured” on popular website such as Fox News, USA Today, CNN, ABC and MCNBC.

Massive Internet Profits review
Massive Internet Profits scam

At first glance, it seems that this program is legit, especially if has been published on these mainstream media outlets. However, this program has never been featured by these companies. It is a marketing tactic used to build trust with the user to entice them to purchase the program. As ridiculous as that sounds, you would be surprised how often this kind of tactic works.

2. This Program Has Gone by Too Many Aliases

Another thing that I don’t like about Massive Internet Profits is the fact that I have come across this particular website before. But of course, when I have come across it, this program has gone by a different name. I have reviewed a few programs in the past such as Work at Home University and Ultimate Home Profits, each of which are nearly identical to Massive Internet Profits.

Why is this?

It is because this is exactly the same program. The owner of this program started each of these programs. However, the moment his scam is revealed, he needs to revamp his site, change the domain name and title of the program in order to sell it again.

This is a classic sign of an online scam and a huge red flag to those who may be at risked by getting scammed by it.

My Final Opinion

Considering I have come across this program too many times before, it is not a program I can in good conscience recommend. It is not a program that will help you to make a living online, nor will it give you the financial freedom that only working online can give you.

With that said, I highly recommend staying as far away from this program as much as possible.

Final Verdict:


Scam! Stay Away!

Have you fallen for the Massive Internet Profits scam? If so, what was your experience? Let me know in the comments section below!


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