Must Read Jeff Baxter Review From Khaliah Ferguson

Jeff Baxter Review From Khaliah Ferguson

Khaliah Ferguson has a passion for helping students achieve more. In fact, she’s so passionate about this that several years ago she started a small business that focuses solely on coming alongside struggling students and helping them increase their test scores. She had a vision. She had passion. Unfortunately, after starting her business and doing several conferences, she had very little to show for it. There were no customers. And, as a result, her dream was going unfulfilled. But then she came upon a webinar put on by Jeff Baxter.

As she watched the webinar, she realized that much of what Jeff was talking about could help her. She thought that, perhaps, this was what she’d been missing out on all of this time. She had a great idea. She had passion. But she didn’t have a way to get her idea in front of the people who needed it most. So, at the end of the webinar, Khaliah scheduled a consultation with Jeff Baxter and hoped for the best.

During their consultation, Jeff explained even more to Khaliah. He gave her a number of step-by-step instructions regarding how she could get her business in front of people and show them the importance of her service. He showed her the value of webinars in building interest in people. He told her about the way that Facebook ads could be tailored in such a way that they would only appear in front of the people who are most likely to need her services. And he encouraged her with solid advice on how to close a deal over the phone.

But Jeff didn’t just speak in generalities. He gave her specific advice and steps that she could immediately take. As a result of that webinar and her consultation, Khaliah’s business was transformed. Now she’s beginning to see the fruit of Jeff’s advice and all of her hard work. And because of this, the lives of students are being transformed as Khaliah and her business work to help struggling students achieve more and raise their test scores.

In a recent online review of Jeff Baxter, Khaliah expressed her thanks for Jeff and his advice, “Because of the webinar, I was able to have this thirty-minute conversation with you and you gave me so much information. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m so happy to join your program!”

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