Review: Here We Go With Another Scam!


  • No email confirmation needed
  • You will earn up to $20 just for signing up


  • Known Pyramid Scheme
  • No proof of payments available online
  • Is Identical To Other Known Scam Site
  • No proof of payments available online
  • There are too many complaints of people not receiving payment

Now, when I first came across, is was because an old site that I had previously reviewed suddenly changed its name. I was suddenly flooded with emails asking about this program and there were tons of people asking me if this was a legit opportunity. However, upon close inspection this website is not what it seems.

What did I find out? Check out my full review below to find out!

Name: The Youth Job

Website URL:

Owner: Unknown

Advertised Price: Free

Overall Rating: 0 Out of 100 Points Verdict: SCAM!

Program Overview

According to homepage, The Youth Job is an online company originally founded in 2010 and pays its members according to how many tasks they complete every day. However, the only kind of information that you are given that is remotely close to explaining what kind of “tasks” members are asked to complete is that you will earn up to $5 for every link that you post and that is visited by different people. homepage

Below I have taken an actual quote from the website so you can see this explanation for yourself.

TheYouthJob Inc is a large-scale marketing and referral company in the United States of America. It was founded in 2010 and paying its members for doing tasks and activities which are given to them. Join the website and perform your task to get earn. There is no any fee, no any membership fee and no any paid thing. All is free… The main thing is your passion to the completion of task and promote to the friends.

There are many problems with this statement is a variety of this such as grammatical errors, the lack of proper English and no explanation of what kind of tasks you would actually be doing.

It Is A Pyramid Scheme

A pyramid is illegal in the United States and it is defined by recruiting others to a company with a promise of yielding higher returns

So, what makes a scam?

Well, it is the definition of a pyramid. Just take a look at the picture listed right on the site that shows it is a pyramid scheme. Pyramid Scheme

Now, I am not saying that every online company that utilizes this kind of compensation plan is a straight up scam. However, TheYouthJob fits into the definition of a scam simply because as of yet it hasn’t paid its affiliates for their work. Complaints

There are so many complaints I have found for and I am actually amazed that people are still falling for this scam. Just take a look at what some people are saying about this company below. Complaints Complaints Complaints Complaints

My Final Opinion

I have been reviewing online scams for a long time, and I can tell you from my own experience that is a scam simply because people are not receiving payment for all of the work they are doing. Unfortunately, on this site there is not a guaranteed statement that you will make any money and seeing as many people have already complained about non-payment, this site raises red flags all over the place.

So, what do I recommend?

I would recommend not going anywhere near this program for your own sake. You will not get paid and you will only end up wasting a bunch of time spreading links with no guaranteed payment anyway.

Final Verdict: Scam

Pyramid Scheme

Originally published , updated December 14, 2018