Instagram Money Flipping Scam Exposed: How To Protect Yourself

Last updated: May 04, 2020

With Instagram one of the most popular social media platforms to date, I’m not really surprised that scammers would utilize this platform to their advantage. You can find a variety of different scam on there but the one that I want to talk about today specifically is the Money Flippin Scam or Money Pak Scams.

So, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s get started!

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Scam name: Instagram Money Flip or Instagram Money Pak Overall Rating: 0 Out of 100 Points Verdict: Definitively a scam!


So, the Instagram Money Flipping Scam or Instagram Money Pak Scam works generally in one way. You will find a variety of pictures posted throughout Instagram that claim you can turn a small investment of $100, $200, $300, $400 or more into sums of $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 and so on. Generally, the people behind these scams claim that they have special software that they use to hack into the servers of Green Dot, MoneyGram or Western Union and can actually manipulate the amount of money that is in their systems.

instagram money flipping scam

In order for this supposed scam to work the owners of the scam ask for you to send money directly to them via MoneyGram, Western Union or Green Dot and to give them a couple of minutes to hack into the systems and flip the money you invested.

Does It Actually Work?

Kind of. While it certainly does not work to turn your money into a profit, it helps the scammer to profit off of you. So, no. This scam does not work. When you are dealing with people asking for money to be sent to them via these different platforms, you need to be wary. Because as soon as you send the money and as soon as they pick it up, before you even realize you have been scammed it is too late and you will not be able to get your money back.

This is a scam that only benefits the scammer, not you whatsoever. You will be the one to lose whatever money you invest and the scammer will get the money that you send to them.

How To Protect Yourself

1. If Someone Asks For You To Transfer Money Via MoneyGram, Western Union or Green Dot, Don’t

This is one common trait that many scams on Instagram tend to share. The moment someone says to invest in an opportunity you need to send money using one of these platforms, just don’t do it. 9 times out of 10 if you are asked to invest in this manner then you are being scammed.

2. Do Your Research

If you come across a money making opportunity online that you are not sure if it is legit or not, always conduct thorough research on it ahead of time. Look for recent and honest reviews online and watch as many proof videos as you have to in order to make a decision whether or not to invest in the opportunity. Educating yourself will help you to avoid many of the scams out there.

Who Is Responsible For This Scam?

This list is updated frequently by people who have fallen prey to this type of scam and who want to spread the word. That being said, don’t hesitate to leave a comment regarding one of these scammers and I will add it to the list immediately!

Also, since this list is becoming pretty big, if you can’t find a user immediately, type the username into the top right hand corner in the search bar. If this post comes up, then the person has been deemed a scammer.

There are surprisingly many scammers currently participating in this scam. However, the ones that have the most traffic and are the ones succeeding in their scams go by the following usernames on Instagram:

  • pyaso_blessings
  • @Amber_Annistan
  • @june_balling
  • Santana_Deigo
  • Krissymissbusy
  • @beautiful_agent
  • Mark Fairbank
  • Nicholas Fowler
  • @msjenniferanderson
  • @stayfocusedgetrich
  • @prettyasskate
  • patreecelewis_xx
  • @KICKSANDGADGETS (supposedly “sells” gadgets and shoes for cheap via Western Union)
  • @rickypayout
  • @Casey_coins
  • @jazjuggin
  • @fashionmulmamii
  • @bmflipman\_
  • @newflippingdepartment100
  • @samanthasammy642
  • @Cashmoney_john382
  • @missperk_33
  • @flowergirl_jay
  • Danielleflipslegit
  • @godfirst_joeyy
  • @kia.western
  • @addianabraham
  • @Nicole_braidford
  • @alecialove47
  • AshleysexyNess
  • ariannascott6541
  • 101 hustler
  • @itzchevi_boo
  • @_kmcclean (account currently set to private, but done so because of reports by those who fell for scams)
  • @ladybandz._
  • @Nancycash55
  • @jacob.freeland.75 (VIA FACEBOOK)
  • Shaniel_White
  • vanessa_smith123
  • @nicole.bands_
  • @readycash
  • Londonbaby344
  • john7054_green
  • mary_nelson66
  • (actual website that is used to promote the scam)
  • millionare tee
  • @mercedeswayy_
  • @sedealian
  • @Kayla_banks98
  • @Courtney Bands_
  • @Jansonmiller8796
  • @Chrissydhk
  • @investwithmere
  • @freebandzbizzy
  • @irreplaceableluv
  • richard_golden
  • Carl.parker23
  • reddbone_angell
  • #rajon_powell
  • nadean_money
  • lexxy_money
  • fclflipcash_legit
  • @yaniquepaige
  • @wendymanor34
  • @hillarymcdonald6425
  • miami_gorjess
  • annakay smith
  • @kisana_simm
  • @rickeycashdaniels
  • Sharonesimsonflipcash
  • 72.martina.wilson
  • mikefreebandz8727
  • @megan_flipping4132
  • @Flipmoneyquick
  • @Mikayla.richards1,, (All together)
  • @gainprofitdeshaw, known as the Father of Two: 586-200-8397
  • @MoneyGram2020flippingservice
  • @lexiy_thomas
  • @Ricanbaddass
  • @livinglife.joey
  • @robert.lewis41
  • @melissacashflip
  • @canela2x_
  • @ben_flipcash
  • @scorpiolifestyle
  • @BJohnson_Focused (Phone number: (310) 299-5504 Claims to only try to find people to donate money to for his rich uncle to use as tax write offs, you just need a bank account and active checking deposit).
  • @k.andi_bentley
  • @jaelasiims
  • @_legitmoneytransactions
  • @ms._warner01
  • @kim_westenunion
  • @getmoneyjody
  • @jasminedahflippa
  • @reggiewaters900k
  • @briana_wilshere
  • @moneygrantfoundation
  • @wonderfulllifesam
  • @kgettha_mula
  • @getmoney.5k
  • @elenorperkins
  • @kasandraakay_
  • @bribripiny

Just watch out for these usernames and warn others of this scam as well.

Common Pictures That You Will See Posted By These Scammers

So to help you guys identify these scams for what they are, I posted a bunch of pictures below of the kind of pictures these guys will post to lure you into their scam. These are pictures that were actually posted yesterday on Instagram by these people.

instagram money flipping scam2

Final Opinion

This Instagram Money Flipping Scam is exactly that…a SCAM. You may be wondering how I know it is a scam. Well, one of my friends asked me to look into it for them to see if was a scam. I decided then that to ensure if it was legit or not, to fork over $200 as a trial. As soon as the money was sent via Money Gram and as soon as it was picked up by the scammer, they blocked me from Instagram and deleted all of the comments that I posted trying to warn people about this scam.

So, yeah. If I lost $200 on it, so will you.

My Final Verdict: Absolute scam! beware!

Have you fallen prey to one of these Instagram scams? If so, I would love to hear about your experience. Just drop me a detailed comment below.