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Best way to make money online is obviously with the Wealthy Affiliate memebership.

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Tasks: Mobile video apps, Surveys, polls, tasks, special offers, coupons, swagbuckstv, games, searchbar, codes download offers, and shopping incentive that give swagbucks.

Currency exchange: 100 swagbucks = $1.00

Payout: Gift cards starting at $5. Amazon, PayPal Cash, Walmart, Visa, Ebay and much more.


  • Sign up from this link to receive up to 300SB. You need to earn 300SB as quick as possible and verify your email.
  • Use the sign up code "REDDIT"
  • Complete 10 items items from your daily to-do list (2SB * 10 items = 20SB points)
  • Do the daily poll (1SB point)
  • Use All 7 Swagbucks Apps (20SB * 7 apps = 140SB points)
  • Do A Daily nCrave (1SB point)
  • Watch 10 videos on SwagBucks Channel (1SB * 10 videos = 10 SB points)
  • Print coupons (1 SB)

Partner up with me - Joint venture

Tasks: Write high quality articles for a niche.

Payout: Depending on success you will be paid 50% of the revenues generated by your article, forever.

Wealthy Affiliate

Tasks: Build a website, marketing, write content and much more. Everything is explained so even if you have no computer knowledge you should be able to pick it up fairly fast.

Originally published , updated December 14, 2018